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GraniteSage is Google Reader on steroids with a research tool built in. Never miss out on an industry trend or article ever again!

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Great content can come from anywhere. Don't miss it!

No matter the industry you're in, you need to stay up to date if you're trying to grow your audience. Wouldn't it be great to have someone else bring the news/content/articles to you?

Reading without GraniteSage

  • Missed a new trend in your industry because of a flooded inbox
  • Clicking through a long list of bookmarks to stay updated is slow and painful
  • Finding interesting content across different channels from YouTube videos to Podcasts is hard
  • Finding interesting content is painfully slow

Reading with GraniteSage

  • Never miss news in the noise of other emails. Focus on reading only your news without getting distracted
  • All your news and feeds in one place so no more clicking from site to site
  • Get different types of feeds in one place, see what is happening, read titles and click on the ones that matter without missing any
  • AI to help you find content. The system learns as you use it. Tracking your interests and highlighting content that will interest you

Be an expert!

People are looking for great content. Be the thought leader people turn to in your niche. Thought leaders spend virtually nothing when marketing their products. Other people spread the word for them. Find content for your audience and put your take on it. Tell the world what is good and bad about your industry. Show the world your expertise as you build your brand.

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